The "Humera-type" organic sesame seed that is processed at the hulling factory comes from the Humera District in the Tigray region. It is grown on Selet‘s own 300ha farm and on the farms of farming families from two out grower cooperatives that Selet works with.

These are:

  1. Fana cooperative – composed of 1,000 farming families and,
  2. Shewit cooperative – composed of 500 farming families.

Selet organizes and ensures that the farmers undergo the certification process and also makes sure that the farmers undergo training in order to improve quality and quantity of their outputs. Selet has agronomists and extension agents based in Humera that are responsible for monitoring and control of the Internal Control System, which is important for managing the out growers and facilitating the organic certification process.

Selet’s farm serves as a model farm to the out grower farmers, practicing sustainable agriculture. Selet is currently undertaking trials, the endeavor of which is expected to result in the introduction of cultivation of new crops in Humera district such as organic mung beans, pumpkin seeds, hibiscus, cotton and soya beans. Selet has hired Meset Consult Private Limited Company (hereafter Meset) to provide management and technical know-how in order to bring its farm under cultivation, Meset also has a mandate of providing technical assistance to Selet’s out grower farmers and employees in Humera by transferring knowledge on good and new farming practices/methods so as to increase the quantity and quality of outputs.